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Cutest FIT Ever!!
how to get a free mailing list

Image by art-e-ology
Ok, Guys. I could not WAIT to get this from the mail to share it with you all!!!! Whether it is intentional or not, she is making the American Sign Language sign for rabbit/bunny. Is that not the sweetest thing EVER?!!! And how perfect for Easter. I LOVE HER. She just melts my heart. It could also be interpreted as a peace sign which is just as wonderful. She is definitely high on the favorites list in my photo collection. Just look!!!!!!

***Please feel free to use this image in your Artwork!! After you use it, I would really love for you to come join our new group, "Free Image Tuesday Creations"!!

Love, Jamie

Free Outdoor Sporting Expo at Fish and Game in Concord
Get set for the hunting and fishing seasons ahead at the National Hunting and Fishing Day N.H. Expo, which takes place from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on September 22, 2012, at the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, 11 Hazen Drive in Concord …
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Complaints about illegal robocalls are rising
Madison, who works for a software company, says his phone number has been on the do-not-call list for years. Since he hasn't made any progress getting "Ann" to stop calling, Madison has started to file complaints about her to the Federal Trade …
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Today In APIs: WhatsApp and Craigslist in legal battles, Apigee Data Center
The Access Taiwan API provides developer access to Taiwan tourism and travel data through a free RESTful interface. Altairis PaleHorse API: Altairis, also known as Altair Communications, is a Czech IT company. PaleHorse is their mailing list management …
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