Creating Landing Pages For Major Cities In The World?

Question by AK: Creating Landing Pages For Major Cities In The World?
I have a website that offers a small online service. This service is useful all over the world. Is it ok from a search engine point of view that I create landing pages for major cities in the world so that if someone submits a search query for this service specific to his/her city then my website shows up?

The format of the landing page is such that it contains description and useful tips about the service, but with such keywords that it shows up against queries like “[service] in rome itally”.
@ Julia,
I mean that all the landing pages are with the same content (descriptions and tips about the service) but with different keywords embedded here and there so that each page shows up for searches in different cities of the world.

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Answer by Julia
I don’t quiet understand your questions. But I guess that should not be a problem, as long as you can keep the originality of each contents.

Additional : Oo, I see. I am not sure the case is just like a sales page. But your landing pages are better because there’s adaptation (based on the search queries). But mainly it is a static page. As long as it highly valuable and correlated with the queries being typed there should be no problem.

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